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Bathroom Remodeling in, West Valley City

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My name is Brian Deveraux

Devco Construction LLC was Established in 1981. My mother and father, Gary and Linda Deveraux built a small bathroom remodeling company to support our family. In 2008 there was a economy crash and we had to close the doors on our small company. But the following years I went out and educated myself working jobs for other contractors. I spent years putting in work for plumbing companies, electricians, and carpenters. Learning valuable lessons about every aspect of the remodeling and home improvement industry. I got tired of working for other companies, so I decided to start my own! When it came time to pick a name, in honor of my late mother I chose to continue on the family legacy. Devco Construction LLC was re established in 2020. I started as a handyman, and I now operate under a R100 residential and small commercial license. This company is my life. So if you're looking for a reliable, determined, honest contractor for your remodeling projects at an affordable rate, you have found your company! We are fully insured and provide all the information up front! Thanks for considering our small growing family owned business!


Holly Adams, Sandy

"Brian did an amazing job on remodeling our master bathroom. He was always adaptable to changes I wanted to make or to just talk about some of my ideas. He was always respectful and easy to work with.
All of the tile work he did looks AMAZING!
We had a pretty hard deadline for completion and he stayed late into the evening’s multiple times to ensure it got done when we needed it to.
Thanks Brian for making this bathroom look and feel the same way as my vision for the project."

Lynne Marry, SLC

"Brian does amazing work. He is a perfectionist and very skilled. His pricing was more than fair."

Cassie Hess, Ogden

"Brian has been such a wonderful resource! We ask him to come all the way up to Ogden from West Valley because he's the only person I trust to work around our early childhood school. He has been a wonderful resource and has always met all the deadlines we've set, and we've felt completely comfortable having him around our space and have been so pleased with the work he's done, especially the amazing painting! Thank you, Brian!"
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